First-Person Tetris – ‘Do a barrel roll’ :D

Love Tetris? Then check out First person tetris! 😀 Let’s just say it’s tetris with a spin! 😉 Kinda like hmmm Google’s ‘Do a barrel role’ 😀 ….Just click on the link OR on the image below and – Enjoy 🙂

*Like* :D – ‘Up’ music video!

I LOVE Pixar (little secret ..ssshhhh…it was one of my dream companies to work for back in the day)…so YAY for Pixar! 😀

Among its fantastic repertoire of animated films UP (Disney / Pixar film 2009) is one of my favs! Plus as some of you might know I also LOVE music! So you can imagine when I came across this awesome ‘Up music video’ 😀 …. well all I have to say is watch this before Disney yanks it out of cyber space!

It’s a composition of chords, bass notes, and vocal samples from the Disney/Pixar film Up, and it’s wonderful.