Featured Artist: Terry Fan & his Quirky-Beautiful illustrations

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If art could be described as Quirky-Beautiful, this would be it! I would certainly say I am a fan of Mr. Terry Fan! šŸ™‚ Based in Toronto, Canada his work is a blend of traditional and digital – ink, graphite and photoshop. If you like these, then a selection of his work can be purchased at Society6Ā as archival art prints, framed prints, stationary cards, iPhone cases and laptop/iPhone skins.

Talented illustrator Terry Fan

Want to know more about this talented artist or maybe want to buy one of his awesome designs? Then check out his site http://www.krop.com/terryfan/

S’More Creative 3D paintings!

This French artist known asĀ ShakaĀ creates highly engaging and creative 3DĀ paintings!

He creates the 3D effect by firstĀ sculpting shapes directly onto theĀ canvas, then he covers them with layers ofĀ paint…..The end results are high impact, emotive images that seem to almost reach right out the canvas to touch you! šŸ˜€

If you want to learn more about Shaka you can visit his website *it is in French though! šŸ™‚ Ā http://www.shaka1.fr/

Amazing 3D Fish Paintings!!

I was blown away by these fantastic 3D paintings done by JapaneseĀ artistĀ Riusuke Fukahori.

EachĀ 3D paintingĀ consists of multipleĀ transparentĀ layers, formed by pouring liquid resin intoĀ woodenĀ containers. When each layer becomes solid it is painted.Ā By repeating this process, the artist is able to createĀ beautiful lifelike designs.

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Fancy a quick trip around the Solar System for 2012?

Happy New Year 2012!

As we wish 2011 a fond farewell & zoom into 2012,Ā how about we take a virtual tour of the Solar System to see just how our planet spent its year spinning around the sun…

Check out this fun, interactive 3D Solar SystemĀ (nice visuals & of course the sound track in the background is awesomely treky!) HA! šŸ˜€ – Enjoy

Awesomely Fun – Talk about bringing music to life! :D

Seriously if you have a few minutes toĀ spare or just want to have some ‘clean’ internet fun :)….thenĀ SeaquenceĀ is an uber fun interactive site where you can create and see your music in action! It is an experiment in musical composition, adopting a biological metaphor.Ā Compositions can be saved by clicking ‘share’, which can then be sent to others allowing them to hear what you’ve made.

Seaquence is an original Gray Area Labs project created by Ryan Alexander, Gabriel Dunne, and Daniel Massey, with support fromĀ Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

Seaquence Demo from Daniel Massey on Vimeo.

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Came across some really nice graphic design work from US based graphic artist / illustrator (& wanna-be astronaut)Ā Christopher David RyanĀ šŸ™‚

His designs are smart and fun! šŸ˜€ …You can find more of his work on his websiteĀ orĀ Flickr! – Enjoy! ( & great job @ccddrryyaann ) šŸ™‚

All Star Animators Recreate the Entire Ocean Online

Truly ‘global’! Not only the content but also the creation of this amazingĀ project.Ā Top animators fromĀ AvatarĀ andĀ Tron, the director of MITā€™s Media Lab have partnered withĀ Wemo Media and other high profile activists to try to re-create the entire ocean ecosystem in an online 3D environment called theBlu!

This integration of artist /developer submissions is part social network and part educational tool. It is meant to be anĀ interactive world where people can explore, learn and create online! šŸ˜€

How bout a lil Jublin Style today :)

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Lovin’ the FUN design and illustration from Jublin! šŸ™‚ Ā – Justin White (a.k.a. Jublin) of California brings us some great graphic design pieces …and YES they areĀ available for sale (prints, T-shirts etc!) wooo hooo! If you *like* his work then check out his links B-LO šŸ˜€

inPRNT storeĀ (buy prints here!)
society6 storeĀ (buy more prints here!)
black rock collective

The Art of Time.

Artist Dominic Wilcox’s series of miniature time-based sculptures add yet another fun dimensionĀ to what would normally be considered the mundane.

His series of seven sculptures, features tiny, hand-crafted figures attached to the watch hands.Ā The scenes on the watch hands come to life in their movement around the dial.

Above: Watch sweeper. ā€œThe numbers and hands of a watch are swept away by a watch sweeper.ā€

Above:Ā ā€œThe sitting manā€