Absolutely Brilliant Photographer – Timothy Allen

Brilliant Photographer Mr.Timothy Allen’s phenomenal photographs and the amazing stories behind them are a true inspiration and tribute to both this beautiful planet & to humankind. His magnificent eye for detail and perspective allow us to share scenes that most of us would have never been able to witness ourselves. – Enjoy šŸ™‚

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The photographs shown here are the property of Mr.Timothy Allen, if you are interested in learning more about him or his work please visit his official website:

http://humanplanet.com/timothyallen/Ā Here you can find hisĀ personal image portfolio, diary and blog.Ā You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter or G+.


*Like* :D – ‘Up’ music video!

I LOVE Pixar (little secret ..ssshhhh…it was one of my dream companies to work for back in the day)…so YAY for Pixar!Ā šŸ˜€

Among its fantasticĀ repertoire of animated filmsĀ UPĀ (Disney / Pixar film 2009) is one of my favs! Plus as some of you might know I alsoĀ LOVE music! So you can imagine when I came across this awesome ‘Up music video’ šŸ˜€ …. well all I have to say is watch thisĀ before Disney yanks it out of cyber space!

It’s a composition of chords, bass notes, and vocal samples from the Disney/Pixar filmĀ Up, and it’s wonderful.Ā 

All Star Animators Recreate the Entire Ocean Online

Truly ‘global’! Not only the content but also the creation of this amazingĀ project.Ā Top animators fromĀ AvatarĀ andĀ Tron, the director of MITā€™s Media Lab have partnered withĀ Wemo Media and other high profile activists to try to re-create the entire ocean ecosystem in an online 3D environment called theBlu!

This integration of artist /developer submissions is part social network and part educational tool. It is meant to be anĀ interactive world where people can explore, learn and create online! šŸ˜€

Music to suit your Mood?! well Hello there Stereomood! :)

Ok so I LOVEĀ music I and am always on the look out for new artists or sounds!

Exploring & enjoying music just keeps on getting better ever since the advent of the online music gene pool from ‘dĀ original’ Ā Ā Napster šŸ˜€ to the ultimate social media playlist – SpotifyĀ Ā …..In that light I am happy to share yet another Awesome MusicĀ site thatĀ I Stumbled upon!

This great site calledĀ Stereomood.comĀ streams music based on your mood! You choose! So whatever you might be doing or feeling all you got to do is click and….enjoy! … i-*Like* šŸ˜€ ….Hope you *like* it too!


A little Art & Song inspiration for a rainy day…

Beautiful & quirky designs by artist Matheus Lopes


And the weather can’t possibly keep you down when you listen to this classic! –Ā Singing In The Rain (Gene Kelly)Ā šŸ™‚