i – *Like* this Band :)

Skid Nevely – these guys are great! Really talented and with a fantastic fusion of punk/pop and Caribbean vibes! Never thought I would hear a steel drum played like that in my life! Unfortunately like a lot of great bands out there…they haven’t or din’t get the publicity that they deserve to make it into International waters or main stream.

They are a fun group of talented guys from Trinidad & Tobago (Awesome island in the Caribbean! 😀 ) …they certainly don’t sound like your typical island beat and in my opinion (with the right opportunities) could match any top punk/ pop band out there today!

Unfortunately the Youtube selection for there music videos is slim pickings 😛 (not great quality) however this one is not too bad.. Check it out and let me know what you think – enjoy! 🙂

Find out more on their FB Page  OR their My Space .